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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Welcome to the Australian Small Business Blog

Our objective for creating the Australian Small Business Blog is to provide a forum for the small business owner to share their experiences and seek advice from other owners on issues in their business. The format of the blog will be to post articles or ideas that will provoke comment, and even argument!

Although this blog has been founded by Dr Greg Chapman of Empower Business Solutions it is intended that this forum will also be available to others to post their ideas. As moderator of this forum, I would expect, at least initially, to provide the bulk of the posts. But I certainly encourage others to contact me to find out how they might contribute.

Suggestions for subjects for articles either by myself, or if it is outside my expertise, by others that I regard as experts in that area, will be gratefully received.

While any article to be posted on this site will require my approval, commenting is open, subject to deletion if posters are unethical or use this forum to defame others. Promoting your own business is allowed on this blog, but it expected that any post be substantially educational. Pure advertising will be deleted. The 80/20 rule on information/promotion will be strictly applied.

If you wish to post here, and you have a website, we request as a courtesy, that you return a link to this site. This will benefit ALL posters.

If you would like to contact me privately, please click on my profile and send me an email. Your feedback, public or private will be welcomed.

Please enjoy this forum.


Dr Greg Chapman, MBA
Director- Empower Business Solutions

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