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Monday, May 15, 2006

Know Your Marketplace

When you advertise, it is essential that you understand who your customers are, and what will appeal to them. And for many products, the need for an emotional connection is critical. At times people focus too much on the features of the product rather than the benefits. As the old advertising saying goes: "Features Tell, Benefits Sell".

And for many products, the benefit is about the customer feeling good. The Nike Swoosh along with there slogan: "Just Do It" appeals to the active. People who don't agonise over decisions, who see something they like, and buy it.

Another product that understands the appeal to their market is the very stylish Apple iPod. Its sleekness appeals to those who consider themsleves hip and cool. Its advertising is very minimalist. Due to their branding they don't have to say much about the product. If you would like to see the wrong way to advertise it, check out this spoof of how Microsoft might market it. And guess what I am doing now- I am promoting this product through viral marketing. (Note- I get nothing from Apple. But I do hope you enjoy this blog and visit it often.) Apple may even be behind this site- I just don't know. But it looks very professional. And this type of campaign is a little underground- again apealing to the Apple marketplace.

Viral marketing is becoming more and more common. Where people see something they like, and pass on the details to others. It could be informational, or entertaining. But every time it is passed on, the product is further promoted. I hope you will tell others about this blog, about the great information in it, and send your friends and colleagues here.

Sometimes less is more. Often the biggest mistake people make in advertising is using something that appeals to them rather than their customer. And how do you find out what your customers- its really simple- ask them!
Dr Greg Chapman is the Director of Empower Business Solutions

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