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Monday, May 01, 2006

What's on your Card - Part 1

The humble business card with origins as a calling card in the 1600's is somewhat taken for granted, but do you make the most of this miniature Bill board?

We all think it is essential to put the multiple ways of contacting us on our card, but had you thought that it can also convey that you are:
• Imaginative and Inventive
• The text and graphics can demonstrate a flair that trumpets your ability
• It can be outside the square (or rectangle) and be so memorable that your name and value proposition sticks
• Your qualifications to get the job done

As with your marketing plan your card should tell others what is unique about
• Your product or services
• Your qualifications
• Your unique benefits

The card should clearly define you with
• Awards you have received
• Professional organisations you belong to
• The combined years experience of your team
• A memory hook such as ours – "Killer first impressions"
• A mission statement

How can I fit all this onto a card and still keep it clear and concise?
It is amazing how much info can fit onto a card and most people don't consider the back of the card can tell the story with the front giving the contact details. The card can fold to give more room for product pictures and a simple story or testimonial. In fact some cards can convert to a small book with the use of fridge magnets.

How will your card look?
With the low cost of full colour cards these days you can easily have
• Picture cards
• Dramatic card colours
• Textured cards
• Multi purpose cards such as vouchers or discount cards

Other effects such as
• Die cut cards (unusual shapes)
• Foils or coatings
• Embossing and folding

In Part 2 we will discuss other more innovative options for your business card.

Sam Durrant is the Director of Tamboon Publications

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