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Friday, May 12, 2006

What's on Your Card Part-2

In part 1 we talked about the kind of cards you can design and I want to further elaborate in this section

Picture cards
The type of picture you use can vary from you or your staffs picture to a picture such as an egg carton on a truck demonstrating you can care for the people your removalist business deals with. Pictures of the business premises if your business is a reception centre or bed and breakfast business. A carton or sketch of you or your business's unique selling benefit.

Dramatic Card Colours
Why be boring and use a white card with Navy text? Your industry may have some bright colours that stimulate association to say Mexican foods or natural but vibrant colours that bring thoughts of wild travel adventures in the Australian rain forests.

Textured cards
Other materials other than paper can be printed on including synthetic materials that can read in the shower (or the rain). A material that is involved in your final product you sell, such as canvas for canvas awning manufacturer or glass for a window manufacturer. Others that spring to mind are plastic metal leather wood etc.

Sensory cards
While we are talking of senses. Licorice stores use licorice essence and vaporisers at their shop entrance to entice people into their stores, sales have know to fall by 30% if these devices are missing. So you could have a card 'printed' with a fragrance to make your message more memorable.

Multi purpose cards
Imagine if every one of your customers was given an incentive to introduce a new client,
A card can easily offer a friend or family member a discount or any other valuable benefit for producing the card and a discount for your existing client if they take advantage of the offer.
How about reproducing a CPR guide on the back of your card so that people carry it around everywhere with them just in case. Or how about a series of discounts for other businesses in your geographic area that expires by a certain date printed on the reverse of the card . Of course after the expiry date they are required to come back to you for another card.

I hope these ideas help you to take a second look at your business card and get creative and use the smallest advertising space your business has that can keep working for you long after you give it away.

Sam Durrant is the Director of Tamboon Publications

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