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Friday, June 09, 2006

Why choosing a professional copywriter is vital to your business

The internet is full of schemes that are guaranteed to make you rich, programs that cure even the hardest problem and copywriting packages that provide you with untold letters and solutions.

A good copywriter can help you both drive traffic to your website, and to keep traffic there once it arrives. Finding a good copywriter is hard, especially on the net.

So many options and so many opinions - what do you do and who do you believe?

The problem with copywriting is that it’s not your every day purchase, nor is it something you’d buy once a week, or even month.

If you’re not familiar with a product or service it can be difficult to know what to look for – or to even appreciate a good thing once you’ve finally found it.

But help is here. Finding a copywriter is painless, once you know how.

So what DO you look for in a copywriter?

If you’re like most time poor business people the first place you’ll turn is probably everyone’s beloved friend: Google. Good choice, unless you’ve met a few copywriters out and about on your networking adventures.

A quick jump on the net should provide you with a few comparisons as to what’s on offer and the services provided. Click on a copywriter’s website and look for the following clues:

1. Prior experience.

Where have they worked and for whom? A copywriter’s portfolio provides ample proof that they are up to the job of handling your task. Take time in looking at the clients they have worked for and the feedback obtained. How does their website read? Is the copy good? Is it easy to read? It should prompt you to take action, either by dropping them an e-mail or subscribing to their newsletter.

2. Testimonials.

Do they have any? What is the general opinion of the person? Most copywriters know that a good testimonial is one of the most powerful sales tools available. If there are no testimonials, ask yourself why.

3. Client list

Whilst there are no particular qualifications a copywriter needs to begin the art of copy practise and writing, some copy professionals will have degrees, diplomas or formal qualifications in English or journalism. Qualifications aren’t always as important as experience, so ask what experience they’ve had and how they go about getting the information from a client.

4. Payment

Money – a hindrance or a pleasure? Some copywriters state their fees up front; others prefer to give quotes or rate cards to enquiries only. Regardless of how much they charge, make sure you have seen some comparisons. Shop around. Ask others what you get for your money.

One final word of caution though – you get what you pay for. To borrow an old adage - If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Stuart Evans is the Director of Vibe Communications

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Andrew Cavanagh said...

I think it's also important to note that the greatest copywriter alive won't make your business successful or even necessarily make you sales.

In most cases you need to have either a hungry market or some idea of how to get to a hungry market.

Then a good copywriter can be worth his weight in gold.


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