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Monday, August 07, 2006

Hit Your Target Market with a Well Cooked Cross Promotion

Our society has never been so well connected, so why is it that business owners all around the world still can’t seem to get to their target markets faster?

With the “IT” landscape continuously changing, working out ways to take advantage of all of this new technology has never been so time consuming.

However, business owners and companies have never been in such a prime position to utilise their business connections to reach their target markets easier.

But how do you utilise your business networks to access more customers faster, reduce your marketing costs and create mass awareness in a relatively short amount of time.

IT Based Cross Promotional Strategies

Think for a moment, are there business owners out there that would like access to your existing client base?

Of course there are, there are 1000’s of businesses that would love to have that privilege. And alternatively are there businesses out there that you would like to access their target markets?

Goes without saying!

So what are you going to need to ensure you create a recipe for success for your IT based cross promotional strategy…

1 X Website
Access to email
Solid online strategy that has large emphasis on collecting individuals emails, names and phone numbers
Special offer/free gift that is time and quantity limited with a strong call to action (your offer/gift will be designed to help you convert clients)
A business/businesses that share your same target market and you both offer complimentary services to each other (In other words don’t approach your competitors unless you’re looking for a knuckle sandwich!!!)

Most of these ingredients are readily available online or at business networking events. Ensure you collect all of the above; miss out on one of the ingredients and your sure to come up with a half baked strategy. (Pun intended)

How does it work?

Step 1. Create a landing page on your website that has your special offer/free gift featured and only certain individuals with the required url address can access it. (You will forward this url address on via email)

Step 2. Take your special offer to another business and ask them if they would like to give their existing clients free gifts from your business, in exchange do they have free gifts they would like to give to your existing clients. (Only approach business owners you already know and have a solid relationship with, this strategy is based on trust more than anything)

Step 3. Create an email with your special offer/free gift that your fellow business owner can forward on to his existing database with ease or they can simply add a section to their next newsletter they send out. (The unique url will be placed within the email your business colleague forwards on to send your prospects to your special offer/free gift page)

Step 4. Do the same for your business colleague to your own database and guide them through the same process as mentioned above.

A few things you will need to consider for your strategy to work:

-Is your free offer compelling enough for individuals to hand over their contact details?

-Is it of add value to your business colleagues clients? If not, they won’t even consider forwarding it on, on your behalf.

-Do you have the best intentions? Those who go into this strategy looking to create a solid win/win will always come up trumps.

-Is your promotional offer well written, if you can’t write to save your life, pay a professional copy writer to do the job for you.

There you have it, one recipe for an IT based cross promotional strategy. It can serve you anywhere from 1 – 1000’s of prospective customers. Preparation time includes researching your target market, fellow business owners target market and coming up with a strategy that you will both benefit from greatly.

Remember to test and measure each cross promotional strategy you utilise and refine each time, like any marketing strategy it can take quite a few goes to get it right.

Ben Angel is the Director and Founder of Nationwide Networking an organisation dedicated to connecting the Australian Business Community together for mutual benefit.

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