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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Speaking: it’s all in the mind

Most people who are afraid of public speaking talk about the way they feel they are being judged by the audience. They complain,

“They are all looking at me.”
Or they say,

“I go blank when I have to speak in front of people.”

Here are some thoughts about those thoughts. They are just that: THOUGHTS. And they are running you. If you want to be able to speak and not go blank, the most important thing you can do is talk to your mind. It has to give you permission to be out there in front of people.

And you do want them looking at you! How bad is it when you talk and they are not looking at you! Of course you need to speak clearly and slowly and to vary your voice and to look relaxed. All these things can be taught. However, until you tell your VOICE IN YOUR HEAD to go away and let you concentrate on what you are communicating to them, you won’t feel comfortable to get up.

Other tips like structure and humour and pauses and gestures, can all be taught as well. So, next time you have to speak, let your mind focus on what you are saying and your passion for the topic and you will be over half way there.

Judith Field is Literacy Coordinator for the state of Victoria (secondary) and teaches public speaking to individuals, groups and organizations.

1 comment :

onionfutures said...

Abosolutely, a lot of these fears are developed much earlier in life, probably during school. Irrational fears of reading out book reports still haunt people sub consciously.


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