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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Link Employee Motivation to Success in Customer Service

by Kevin Cahalane

Do you ‘motivate’ your people by delivering platitudes and sermons? Or, do you provide them with a ‘success motive’ by giving them the skills, knowledge and attributes required to excel at the work they do?

Motivation is a natural consequence of being successful, happy and focussed in your work (for most people anyway; you will never achieve 100% in any endeavour involving people and motivation – but you will come close!). Below are some thoughts to provide a motive to your team, and encourage their self motivation:

Ensure that employees have the resources they need to be successful. Do staff members have the tools they need to succeed? Is company equipment up-to-date? Does it support efficiency and success?

Provide employees with the necessary training. What skills do employees need, but currently lack? Is there a commitment to ongoing skills development at your company? Are employees encouraged to attend seminars or conferences to stay abreast of industry changes and trends?

Put everybody on the same page … develop standards for how the work gets accomplished. Do employees know what is expected of them or does the company rely on common sense? Are standards documented, understood and agreed to by both employer and employee?

Provide an environment that supports success. Is the workplace neat and orderly? Is their a sense of productivity or does chaos prevail? Are people provided the uninterrupted time they need to achieve success or do unnecessary disruptions limit their efficiency…and effectiveness?

Develop your employees. Ask employees what their career goals are and help them achieve them. Why would someone want to excel at a job that is not rewarding and fulfilling?

Promote success by providing consistent, open and honest feedback. Never miss an opportunity to acknowledge an employee. Employees need recognition and praise. Give ample feedback and public recognition whenever possible. When employees need to alter habits or change course, communicate with them as soon as possible; don’t wait for annual reviews.

Be a model of success yourself. People will respond according to the actions – not the words - of their leaders. Effective leadership is difficult if a manager has one set of standard for themselves and another for everybody else

Innovate! Foster an environment of creativity in the workplace. Elevate the self-esteem of your staff by asking them their opinions and ideas. Solicit, encourage, and implement new ideas and ways of producing results. Employees with high self-esteem tend to experience greater success in their jobs

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