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Sunday, October 17, 2010


I am pleased to promote the Marketing and Comminications Executives Awards to be held in Melbourne on October 26th.

If networking is an important part of your marketing strategy, then attending the MCEI Marketing Awards Presentation will provide the ultimate in networking opportunities.

Imagine, everyone present, from the entrants to the members, are totally focussed on marketing, and as such, are keen to meet new operators who also make marketing a top priority for their business.

Marketing Communications Executives International (MCEI) is a not for profit association that strives to bring strong business entrepreneurs together so that they can benefit and support each other.

You will even be given a list of finalists with their contact details to ensure that your networking efforts are well rewarded.

It has always been a unique point of difference for the MCEI Awards that no one knows who the finalists or winners are prior to the Presentation, to ensure that a real sense of electrifying excitement is there on the night.

To add to the overall spectacle, the theme of the evening is ‘East Meets West’ and you are encouraged to wear a traditional evening costume.

Why not choose the Awards Presentation on October 26th (to be held at the RACVC Club in Melbourne) as an important opportunity not to be missed? Five star cuisine (canap├ęs and three course dinner and wine); humungous entertainment to ‘knock your socks off’; $100 worth of gifts for everyone; a door prize valued at $400; and a $250 prize for the best costume are just some of the great reasons you will not want to miss this event!

If you register here as my guest (I am a member), you will receive the discount rate, and also be able to network with me in person at the event.

I look forward to seeing you there.

May your business be - as you plan it

     Dr Greg Chapman


David said...

Attending networking events like this are great.

What are people's thoughts about entering various award programs though?

From what I've seen winning an actual award would be great for business. But the time and effort you need to put into just applying for some of these awards is ridiculous.

peter said...

David, as a winner of Awards which literally sent my business spiraling in a new direction and brining me a huge growth in business, I set out running awards to encourage others to do the same.

I remember one of the winners of an award I ran, getting a quarter page write up in one of the major daily newspapers and from that he got new business, including a major one that brought him in ‘tons’ of revenue. He said “for four hours of work I ended up increasing my business by over 4000,000 every year”.

So, in answer to your concerns I think the question is “just how much time are you prepared to put into marketing your business?” If everyone who enters takes each step they achieve (entering, finalist, highly commended, winner) and uses it to further promote and market their business, then there is no such thing as a ‘huge waste of time’.

Why not come along to the MCEI Marketing Awards and seehow a small group of dedicated marketers make the best use of Awards?

Barbara Gabogrecan

David said...

Yes as I said winning an award is great for business.

But what happens when you put in all the effort (and from what I've heard it is a lot more than 4 hours especially for the major ones) and you get nothing?

IMHO That time would be better spent marketing your business elsewhere.

I suppose it all comes down to how much time you need to put into entering and then trying to win these awards.


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