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Monday, April 18, 2011

How Building Commission Trades Registration can Increase Your Income

The Victorian Building Commission is ramping up their rate of prosecutions for Building Trades who are not registered and who do jobs worth $5,000 or more. Registration has been required by LAW since 2008.

Fines of up to $10,000 apply, and they will shut down your job if you’re unregistered resulting in you having to lay off staff and leave your customers with unfinished jobs, until you become registered.

Aggrieved customers can use your lack of registration to challenge contracts and payments.

Without registration, the practitioner can also be liable for the bad work of others under Joint and Several Liability clauses, so if you are the only person associated on the project with problems who has money, guess who pays?

That’s the bad news.The good news is there are also benefits from being registered with Victorian Building Commission.

Apart from protecting your business, what are the other benefits of registration?

You can get work from higher paying clients. People who want a quality job done look for qualifications for re-assurance that they will get what they want from their building project. Surveys show that the top reason people select a supplier is confidence that they can deliver what they say they can. Price is actually only the 5th top reason.

If you believe that most buyers are only concerned about price, it is because you have no other discernable points of difference. When you look the same as everyone else, price does become the number one factor in a buying decision.

People are prepared to pay more for assurance. If you are a registered building practitioner and a buyer mentions that your quote is more expensive, ask if the other quote is from a registered builder, and explain that is probably why the quote is cheaper. Then explain to them why that is a risk for them.

With the large number of unregistered building practitioners in the industry, this is a great point of difference.

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