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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Victorian Building Commission Registration Assessment Process

While many building practitioners are concerned about the Victorian building commission registration process, rest assured, the Practitioner's Board are there not only to interview you to assess your knowledge level but also to support you throughout your interview.

It's important to remember that the purpose of the Building Practitioner's Board is to ensure that people who obtain their registration are experienced and professional. Whatever class you are applying for, there is an expectation that you are knowledgeable on the work you undertake. You will also be expected to know how all aspects of your business is run from the financial side of things right through to the scope of work for each job you do. As Registered Building Practitioners are the professionals in their trade it is only fitting that you know what you are doing.

The Board are keen to get professionals registered. They don't want the cowboys out there undercutting and doing sloppy work either and while they don't expect you to know everything off the top of your head, they do expect that you will know where to get the information that you need.

Applicants will be required to undertake the following Assessment process:

(1) Sit a computer based closed book examination (multiple choice format)

(2) A face-to-face interview with an Accredited Competency Assessor

The results of each component form part of an overall assessment which assists the Building Practitioners Board in determining eligibility for registration.

While the assessment process appears daunting, remember that the Victorian Building Commission really wants you to be successful in your registration.

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