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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Small Business Answers: What are the best ways to increase staff productivity?

Dr Greg Chapman answers the question often posed by small business owners:

In small business it is common that poor communication and lack of controls cause inefficiencies or 30-50%. Dr Greg Chapman explains how small business owners should address their staff productivity issues.

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Dr Greg Chapman is the Director of Empower Business Solutions and The Australian Business Coaching Club and is Australia's Leading Advisor on Emerging Businesses and provides Coaching and Consulting advice to Australian Small Business Owners in Marketing & Business Strategies Planning & Systems. He is also the author of The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success and Price: How You Can Charge More Without Losing Sales.

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Charlie Gunningham said...

Productivity is an important area, no doubt; I have found that "happy productivity" can be achieved through a fun but focussed workplace, where everyone respects each other and can work as well in teams or at times when needed individually.

Anonymous said...

I work in accounting and have spent a lot of time over the past year looking into how information is processed by small business (particularly small tax firms). The issues are wide ranging but the problem for many is poor quality work, mistakes and the shortage of competent staff. There are solutions but the problem often is far too much information.

Robert Lopez

Unknown said...

Hire less staff. When a person has to handle two or three people's work load, you will see productivity... I know it sounds not fair to employees, and I hate to be in that kind of situation, but that's what I learnt from my own experience.

Unknown said...

It is impossible to take action to a problem when you are unacquainted with its exact everyday living. As professionals it is easy to say, “We need to increase worker efficiency.” However, you will not be able to apply a strategy for increasing worker efficiency until you know the specific efficiency snags your workers face.

The remedy to this lack of know-how can be found in the development of what are called Employee Productivity Analytics. Simply, you must develop a mathematical and considerable way to rate each individual's actual development and then balance those numbers against the cost of each worker. A few requirements for calculating efficiency are:

How plenty of your energy and energy does each worker invest online outside of business related tasks?
How plenty of your energy and energy does each worker invest on their mobile mobile phones for personal use?
What is the product revenue income produced by each worker compared to their wage and time requirements?
How many products are manufactured by the worker compared to development time?
What is the revenue income produced by the worker at various times of day?

The list and number will differ based on your business framework and company type. However, involve this step remains the same. In order to improve worker efficiency you must first measure the current state of their development.

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