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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Married to the Business - Honey I Love You, but our Business Sucks!

"As I began 'browsing'. I became so engrossed; a couple of hours later I felt as though you knew me and my problems personally. The book is enlightening, informative and very easy to read. The style of the book is very clear and draws the honest reader in. The central characters are very engaging. They are anyone and everyone in business. I believe the true value to couples reading your book is how to keep the monster they have created growing and fed!

Your book has given me the understanding and motivation to keep going towards our dream and get help before the business swallows everything we have worked for. Thank you!

Every business should be given a copy of your book before they start up and it make mandatory that they re-read it periodically before reporting to their advisor."
Yvonne Rutherford - RD Foundations

Find out more about this new book by the author of the best selling small business book “The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success”, Dr Greg Chapman, at

Finally a book for couples in business.

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