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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Couples in Business

The initial reviews are in for Dr Greg Chapman's latest book Married to the Business: Honey I love you, but our business sucks! -

"I LOVED Married to the Business"

"A compelling case study"

"This should be prescribed reading for Business Advisors"

"You can actually feel the raw emotion in Greg's latest book"

"Any couple who live and work together will relate to this book"

"Easy to read and hard to put down"

"Every business should be given a copy of your book before they start up"

"I felt as though you knew me and my problems personally"

"Very practical dossier that is relevant for any family business"

"An empathetic approach to husband/wife businesses that has never been explained before in such a consummate, easy to apply and simple to follow manner"

"Great advice on the issue of work/life balance"

"Greg is going to reduce the workload of a lot of marriage counsellors"

Announcing new groups for Couples in Business

Find out more about this new book by the author of the best selling small business book “The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success”, Dr Greg Chapman, at

Finally a book for couples in business.

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