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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Living with objections to your offers - 1

by Jim Prigg

This is the first of a series on Sales Technique from the Knowledge Master - Jim Prigg

Handling objections and resistance is part of the sales process. Just as you need to be able to find potential clients, get appointments, give simple advice, ask the right questions, explain concepts, close the deal, render ongoing service and retain clients so you will need to be able to handle objections to survive and thrive.

If you can’t handle objections effectively you will be hard pressed to stay in business

If you can develop the capabilities to answer, overcome, circumvent, dismiss or ignore objections or resistance you will be eminently better at what you do.

Handling resistance and objections is not about being pig headed, arrogant or a know-all. It is your opportunity to educate, correct, express a different point of view and genuinely help people through education, leadership and strength of belief of what you do to get them to make positive decisions.

People have objections because they are not fully informed, have pre-conceptions, have misconceptions, use them as a "get out" tactic to delay decisions, aren't interested, don't have the money or are afraid of making a decision.

Objections can arise to products, transactions, service levels. ideas, concepts, the price being asked and the need to make decisions quickly.

What are some of the fundamentals of handling objections?
• Be aware of what your prospects or clients are saying. Tune in. Don't tune out
• Listen intently when you sense an objection is about to arise
• Pause to draw your thoughts together before you offer any answer
• Speak slowly and confidently when you do answer
• Confirm the issue (objection) by repeating it back to the enquirer
• Ask permission to ask questions
• Offer a range of solutions
• Offer clarification
• Seek authority to continue
• Stick to your sales track
• Having a variety of ways to handle objections
• Know how to utilise the Power of Silence
• Don't be aggressive, dismissive or act in a superior manner

Handling objections. Part of your patch

Everyone in sales has objections raised against them, their product or service at some time. Accept the fact people will show resistance to your ideas and sometimes object to your proposition.

You will not win all of the battles; you will probably not win half of the skirmishes, but if you can develop techniques to overcome, circumvent, dismiss or ignore (certain) objections you will be eminently better off than if you do nothing to improve your odds of conversion to appointments and sales.

Just imagine what a difference you could make, if you could get an extra 15-25% of people to make an appointment to see you or listen to you or to accept your advice because you knew how to handle objections.

In every sales interview there is always a sale made. Either the prospect bought your offer or you bought their excuse or objection not to see you or buy from you.

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Jim Prigg is the MD and Director of client relationships at KnowledgeMaster, a treasure trove of imformation for sales professionals.

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