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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How to understand “buying” stimulators

by Jim Prigg

Buying stimulators ADD POWER to your sales proposition and offers. Use them in your presentations, ads, web pages and other sales messages to get more sales. They produce immediate results without increasing your costs.

1. Convert benefits into feelings

People usually buy a product or service because they expect to feel a certain way after the purchase. Keep this in mind as you develop your ads, flyers, surveys, questionnaires, web pages and other sales tools. Add the, ”I feel good about this” component to your offer.

Use vivid word pictures to dramatise the pleasant feeling your customer will experience when enjoying the benefit produced by your product or service. The following portion of a business opportunity advertisement I saw recently illustrates this concept brilliantly.

“No boss. No schedule. No debt. Money to buy what you want and lots of time to have fun.”

2. Dramatise the feeling of loss

After telling your prospects what they will gain from buying your product or service, tell them what they will lose if they do not buy it. Many people fear loss more then they desire gain.

Strengthen your selling appeals by reminding prospects of what they will lose if they do not buy from you. The above business opportunity advertisement becomes more even powerful by adding the following:

“Or… continue building wealth for your boss while you struggle month after month just to pay your bills.”

3. Reduce product choices.

Most people have difficulty selecting one product to buy when their decision forces them to delay or reject buying something else they may also want. When prospects cannot make an easy choice they often make no decision at all – and you lose the capacity to make a sale.

Try combining several products or services into one package for one price. Eliminate the difficulty decision of selecting and rejecting items by not including an option to buy any items separately. You will get mores sales because your prospect’s buying decision is limited to a simpler choice.

4. Increase the buying options

Offering choices of WHAT to buy reduces your sales, but offering choices of HOW to buy increases your sales. Offer different ways for customers to buy from you. The same method is not convenient for everybody. Prospective customers are more likely to act immediately when their favourite way of ordering is available.

Many marketers only accept orders online. They could easily increase the number of sales they get by including options to order by phone, fax or traditional postal mail.

5. Simplify the buying procedure

You get more sales when you make it easier for customers to buy from you. Look for ways to make you buying procedure easier and faster. Use expressions like “Simply fill in the attached form”.

Say things like “Let me help you complete the application by going through it now with you”

Pre-position yourself by saying “Should you need more details can you phone us today to confirm them?”

Offer incentives to act now by adding a bonus "If you buy by (insert a specific date)"

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Jim Prigg is the MD and Director of client relationships at KnowledgeMaster, a treasure trove of imformation for sales professionals.

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