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Friday, October 18, 2013

I want to get some other quotes

by Jim Prigg

While this may seem a fair request by potential customers, is getting a quote the beginning of the end game or is it a lame excuse not to make a decision?

Many professions today such as real estate, mortgage broking, insurance, financial planning and the motor trade do have the capacity to get quotes from various suppliers of their range of products and services.

Many purchasers are not aware of this capability that these professions have to pull together quotes, products and technical expertise from a range of providers. So in your initial preamble it pays to educate them just what you are capable of. This can then pre-empt the objection about getting other quotes if they already know your capabilities.

If you have access to such facilities you should let your potential customers know this at the earliest convenience in your sales introduction of services.

So you will need to give people options they can act on in the search for other quotes. Here are some ways to answer this objection.

• Which of these are you utilising?
• Which of these could you implement?
• Which of these could you improve on?

• How many quotes do you think would give you a fair estimate?

• Do you have any other quotes already?

• From the insurance industry. We appreciate your need, but your family will be uncovered in the meantime until this protection is put in place. That is important to you isn’t it Mr. Prospect that your family have this protection in place?

• If that’s what you want to do then let’s do it quickly. You get the other quotes. I will see you next week on Tuesday or would Wednesday be better. I can then help you decide which is the best for you at no cost at all to you.

• What’s more important to you and your family the cost, the plan, the bitter alternatives or the secure feeling you will get from providing the solution?

• If I could present you with four quotes from different companies would that help you in making your decision?

• It is important to make sure you are comparing apples with apples. That is where my experience can help you. Can I arrange to get some other alternative quotes for you with an overview of the benefits of each one?

• How often do you want to go through this process? If I could make it easier for you to compare would that help you?

• Will you be relying on other individuals to gather the quotes or will you have to go direct to all the product suppliers, tell your story to each one and then try and understand the way they have presented the information to you?

• Will you be visiting impersonal websites or talking to other people for this information. You see, I can personally tailor this information for your specific requirements that you have already explained to me?

• Are you unhappy with the prices quoted?

• Are you going to get other quotes/prices?

• Mr Prospect what is the main reason for you to want to get other figures? Is it the price, my service offer, my company or the quality of the contract/product/service you want to improve on?

• Another competitor cannot quote without going through this same process of fact finding and advice. Tell me, Mr Prospect do you want to have to go through another 4 or 5 hours of this process telling your story over and over again?

• Tell me Mr Prospect to make a decision what is most important to you, a competitive quote or a comprehensive contract with the benefits and advantages you have already demanded I provide for you?

• Please do that, if you want to. But may I ask you a question? When you get all those quotes, brochures etc will you come back to me last? Because if you do I will honestly tell you, which is the best offer for you, whether it is mine or not. Is that OK with you?

• Having got the quotes, what is your time frame for actioning this important requirement for you and your family?

• Will you be the one making the final decision or will there be others involved in the decision?

• Does the strength of your recommendation on any of the quotes carry the power of approval to effect the transaction?

• There must be a reason for wanting to get more quotes. Do you mind if I ask what that is?

• Great. You get them. I will call you back say tomorrow at/on (insert an appropriate time frame). You tell me what you have. I will tell you the best one to go with on price or value for money. Is that OK with you?

• What will influence your decision the most on actioning or approving any one of these quotes?

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Jim Prigg is the MD and Director of client relationships at KnowledgeMaster, a treasure trove of information for sales professionals.

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