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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Sales Technique - I’m really too busy

by Jim Prigg

This objection is one that can be frustrating. Is it an excuse or a real reason for delaying the decision? Are people just being nice or are they not having the courage to say no to your offer? Find out what would put your offer into their decision making agenda above the other things that are competing for their time or money.

Check out whether the prospect is really too busy or your offer is not of an important enough priority for them now or in the future?

If they are genuinely too busy your job is to find out when it is convenient to see them. It may be a short time frame of only a few days. This can be caused by illness in the family, moving jobs, shifting home or uncertainty about finances.

Here are some ways to answer this objection.

• Which of these are you utilising?
• Which of these could you implement?
• Which of these could you improve on?

• John, most people do review their (insert your service or benefit) annually these days. I take it you would like to confirm two things?

1. Firstly, are you receiving value for money?
2. Secondly, are you getting the full benefits available?
Which would you prefer not to miss out on?

• (Insert your concept) is not a do-it-yourself project, Mr. Jones, I appreciate the fact that you are extremely busy – successful people always are. How about sharing some ideas over lunch tomorrow? If you’re too busy to go out, I’ll bring some sandwiches to your office. What is your favourite type of sandwich?

• When won’t you be busy? Is next week/month/year more appropriate for you to look at some compelling new evidence/information/figures that will be of tremendous value to you?

• If I could add some extra benefits to the proposal would that help your decision-making?

• What would you like me to add/take away from the offer on the table?

• What would put this issue at the top of your busy agenda?

• Do they give you time off for good behaviour? I’ll buy the coffee and croissants at morning tea.

• You tell me how to best fast track this for you so that it doesn’t get in your way any longer

• That’s why I am calling you now to save your valuable time

• Are you too busy to learn why over 100 people have considered the five major points of our product service or idea that help them save money/make money?

• Great. If you are busy then you are just the person I like to see. It is the busy person who can quickly evaluate how our idea/concept/product can help them. You can probably decide in 15 minutes if we can deliver value where a lot of other people would take much longer

• How much of your valuable time can you invest in an idea that may save/make you thousands of dollars?

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Jim Prigg is the MD and Director of client relationships at KnowledgeMaster, a treasure trove of information for sales professionals.

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