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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

How to Slash Your Tax 100% Legally

Ex-ATO Auditor, Warren Black, opens Pandoras Box on the hidden knowledge of the Tax Office to help you as a business owner slash your tax 100% legally and keep golddigging predators far from your hard earned wealth!

In a litigation-gone-mad culture, the challenges to building your wealth are enormous ... they're growing by the day. Lawsuits grow by the day, taxes continue to rise, and the amount of paperwork you have to do is over the top, totally insane. Even worse, governments (especially the Tax Office) are bankrupting more businesses than ever, and have declared a "zero tolerance" policy on tax debts.

In this webinar, learn simple cost effective methods to find security and peace of mind in your financial affairs, put more money in your pocket ... and sleep at night knowing your assets are safe.

Here’s what things you’ll discover during the webinar:
How to legally reduce the amount of tax you’re paying. According to Warren, the average person running a business (offline or on internet), trades shares, or invests or develops property, can slash their tax by up to 75%!
How to structure your business to keep your assets safe from the golddigging scumbags. There is a culture of “reaping where you have not sown” in Australia today. The fact is, the average business owner is sued 3 times in their lifetime and governments (such as the ATO) cause more bankruptcies than anyone else. The wealthier you are, the more of a target you are. Warren shows you 3 simple tricks to keep your assets safe without spending a small fortune in lawyer’s fees!
Little-known tax deductions that almost anyone can claim with some “tweaking”. The ATO doesn’t want you to know about these things. On top of that, from Warren’s experience, not even most accountants know them! As Warren puts it … your accountant is like a GP, whereas he (Warren) is like a specialist, who works with high PAYG earners, business owners and investors.
How to use superannuation to grow your wealth faster at low tax. For example, did you know you can use your superannuation as a deposit to buy investment properties? Warren shows you how to do this, and borrow up to 85% perfectly legally … it’s all in the structuring.
Warren reveals one of his tricks from his own business when simply, and at low cost, eliminate 90% of paperwork in your business, while helping you to survive any audit, and find documents any time you need them within seconds!
To listen to a recording of this webinar please click here:

How to Slash Your Tax 100% Legally
and Keep Greedy Golddigging Scumbags Far From Your Hard Earned Wealth

(without paying a small fortune in accounting and legal fees)

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