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Friday, November 14, 2014

Sales Technique - Things not to do when handling resistance or objection

by Jim Prigg

Handling objections can be frustrating, annoying and sap your energy When objections occur take a deep breath, welcome the opportunity to rewind and take up the challenge to clarify what is holding up the solution for the customer.

Here are some critical elements of not what to do when you are handling objections from people about your offers.

The following tactical and strategic methods of answering and countering objections are varied and of different intensity.

Which of these are you utilising?

Which of these could you implement?

Which of these could you improve on?

Never argue

When you argue there is always a winner and loser. In sales sometimes you can win the argument and lose the deal!

Don’t talk religion

Volatility warning! Passion for or a lack of passion for a religious cause has lost many a sale, friend and future opportunity to do business.

Never talk politics

Bias, ignorance and single vision can close the sales process down. Your own views should not cloud the issue of helping the client to reach a decision.

Don’t be patronising

Treat people as you would like to be treated. People don’t like to be looked down on or treated in an inferior manner.

Don’t belittle other people’s opinions or beliefs

Everyone’s opinion should be accommodated and acknowledged. If possible turn opinions back to the customer in the form of a binding question.

Don’t be dismissive of others perceptions

Other’s perceptions can very precious to them. The very fact that a customer may offer a perception on product or service is very valuable emotional capital in the sales process. Don’t act superior

Just because you may know more about your product, service or offer doesn’t mean the client should not be treated as an equal. They are generally looking for a resolution, not a lesson about your superiority.

Don’t underestimate the power to ask just one more time what outcome the client is looking for

Sometimes people get swept up in an emotional tangle and can lose sight of what they want from you. So don't be afraid to ask the simple question, "What is it you want me to achieve for you?"

Don’t be afraid to ask when is the best time to see the prospect for a final decision?

Ask when is the best time for the prospect to make a decision? Is it now, by the end of the day, this week, this month, next month, the quarter, the tax year or any other specific date.

Don’t assume the client knows the answers

Just because you understand your material or offer don’t assume your prospect does and the complexity of the products or services you offer. Selling your knowledge and expertise is a consultative process.

Don’t be afraid to straighten misconceptions

If people are barking up the wrong tree kindly ask them to consider another view; the truth, which you can provide.

Actions and Activities

1. What fundamentals of handling objections do you need to work on?

2. Over the next 10 interviews document the most common objections you come across to your offers.

3. Learn a range of answers to these objections

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Jim Prigg is the MD and Director of client relationships at KnowledgeMaster, a treasure trove of information for sales professionals.

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