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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sales Technique - Handling Serial Procrastination with the Lazarus Close

by Jim Prigg

To complete any deal or agreement, to deliver an outcome or proceed to the logical conclusion for someone to buy you need to be able to employ a variety of methods to get agreement to proceed.

This can be putting pen to paper, cash money paid (and receipted), a credit card number obtained or a memorandum of understanding to complete the transaction. That quite simply is about closing the sale.

A close can be tacit, by handshake, verbal, implied, written and signed for or by an agreement to deliver on or by a certain date.

People continually ask how do they “just get on with closing the deal?” Closing is part of the sales process that should never be under estimated or taken frivolously by the person looking to gain the business.

The Lazarus close is a very simple close that allows you to revisit the position and check the warmth of someone who has gone off the boil in proceedings.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why I offshored myself to the Philippines

by Derek Stewart

“Offshoring” is a loaded word and controversial topic. To some it means corporate greed gone rampant, lost jobs, destroyed industries, wider economic and societal problems. To others it means embracing a globalised economy, uniquely benefitting developing nations by giving them a real chance to rise out of poverty, redistributing the wealth of the world and lower priced goods and services, for a win-win situation.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ad of the Month – Bigger is Better

by Dr Greg Chapman

When researching ads for this regular post, I come across many made just for the internet, some of which run up to 5 minutes. Typically I choose ads that run less than a minute, as longer ads would unlikely to be shown on television and are often self-indulgent, but this now an important advertising medium, easily accessible for small businesses.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Will you leave your business planning to your competitors?

by Dr Greg Chapman

A recent ABC poll indicated that over 70% of respondents thought that New Year’s Resolutions were a waste of time. Personally, I think this says more about the people who responded to the poll than about how useful they really are.

If like me, you think having a plan for your business is important, please download our free New Year’s Resolution- Mission Statements Made Easy tool for business and leave the 70% to their delusions and the fate chosen for them by others who do make plans.

May Your Business be - As You Plan It.

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