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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ad of the Month – Bigger is Better

by Dr Greg Chapman

When researching ads for this regular post, I come across many made just for the internet, some of which run up to 5 minutes. Typically I choose ads that run less than a minute, as longer ads would unlikely to be shown on television and are often self-indulgent, but this now an important advertising medium, easily accessible for small businesses.

The number of eyeballs for internet marketing is usually a lot less than television, but the advertisers are counting on viral word of mouth. It is likely that much more attention will be paid by those smaller viewers numbers who will tend to fast forward TV ads anyway. For this to work, the ads have to be entertaining in some way, or else why would you send a link to your friends?

This ad runs just 2 minutes, but you don’t need to watch it all to get the idea. The set-up is a rival tablet company, Nabi, wanted to promote its large tablets, which it did outside an Apple store after the release of its latest iPad. Apple has the name and reputation, but bigger is always better, making up for a lot of other advantages perceived for the iPad. Just look how big it is!

In this ad, a magician transforms an iPad into a very large tablet. He even demonstrates the high resolution by pulling real strawberries from graphic images in a game. One little kid thinks this is genuine, and tries pulling the strawberries out of the screen himself.

Advertising in this way grabs greater attention from its audience and avoids the high cost of television ads, but if it doesn’t have that magic viral factor, it is still money wasted. Of course, once it’s on YouTube, there are many ways you can promote it, albeit for additional cost. As always, it is best never to rely on a single promotional strategy, especially viral.

May Your Business this Year be - As You Plan It.

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