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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lessons for Small Business from Big Business – Appointing General Managers

by Dr Greg Chapman

It’s the dream of many small business owners to one day appoint a General Manager to their business so they can step back and enjoy life. In this dream world, the GM sends the owner regular reports, and a monthly cheque with little need for involvement from themselves except an occasional guiding hand.

Reality is somewhat different as I observed while watching the biopic on Steve Jobs. By all reports, he was not the easiest person to work with, in spite of (because of?) his genius.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Ad of the Month - Misdirection

by Dr Greg Chapman

Ad of the Month – Misdirection

In today’s world where the fast forward button is just a click away, keeping people’s attention through the whole ad is always a challenge. How do you get people to hear about all the features you want to promote without switching off?

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Defending the Sharks

by Dr Greg Chapman

A recent article in the Small Business Section of The Age was critical the TV program, the Shark Tank. This is where 5 very successful business people receive pitches from small business owners for an investment from them in return for equity in their business. The journalist thought the sharks treated these people with ‘complete distain’ and hence she loathed the program. I don’t think they do, and that she completely missed the point.

The journalist compares the Shark Tank with other reality shows, and says that the sharks treat the pitchers far worse. Seriously, has she seen the talent shows which always have a judge who is paid to be nasty to contestants?


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