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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Snowball Effect

by Angie 'Speedy' Spiteri

What’s our number 1 front end PROACTIVE activity, that if you took on a consistent basis, would enable you to SMASH your monthly, quarterly and annual income goals?

You’ve got one… but do you do it on a regular consistent basis?… you know you should… but something always seems more important because the activity you need to take is NOT URGENT but it is IMPORTANT… and usually, it can be such a small action like a phone call, that when examined on it’s on it can seem insignificant… But it’s usually an action that you do in quantity like 5 a day, not 1 a day, and if done regularly, like every day, the accumulative effect can snowball into something that needs more than 1 person to manage.
If you know what YOUR 1 proactive Front End Activity is…

1. How many of these do you need to do daily? Be specific . It’s impossible to know specifics if you have no data. Every day I help organisations make better use of the software they have invested. Technology like simPRO or MyDeskTop or Insightly. These Client Relationship Management Systems (CRMs) enable you to record your actions and outcomes. Which enables you to work out where you need to improve and how many actions you need to take to produce a result.

2. When do you need to take this action daily?Schedule it in. This helps others support you (read, not interrupt you). No time in your diary to do it must mean that it’s so unimportant it doesn’t need to get done!

3. What do you need on hand to do this work?Have it ready/on hand. Having what you need on hand ready enables you to get into flow instead of starting and stopping, starting and stopping. You want to keep what you need to do this work handy.

4. How can you get your environment to help you? Focus. Eg do you need to be rostered so everyone knows that is your time to do X???? Do you need to work in isolation?? WHAT needs to happen so you take this action without fail.

5. How are you going to measure results?Data. Which takes us back to step 1.

Getting great results IS as easy as taking the 1st proactive action consistently. Make sure you schedule your action into your week first! If you are not getting the results you deserve for the hours you put in… STOP!!!!!!!! You are doing something wrong. Let me help you make life easier.

Start here: The Secrets on Mastering Time
or Contact
to find out how we can streamline your actions and skyrocket your results.

It’s your time. Use it wisely and START Now!

And thank you very much for reading and sharing!
Angie Spiteri is a highly sought after Productivity and Business Performance Coach. Author of "Secrets on Mastering Time", founder of "Time Equals Money" workshops and Telstra Business Woman of the Year nominee. She is a trusted authority on time management techniques tailored make getting results a whole lot easier. Boost productivity instantly, transform culture and improve profits through streamlining and systemising.!

May You Business Be - As You Plan It!

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