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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Sales Technique: Incisive questions at decision time to help you get the sale

by Jim Prigg

You have reached decision time in the sales process. What could go wrong? What have you done right? Is there anything else you need to do or need to know before you go in to that critically important meeting to confirm the positive outcome of the sale?

Ask yourself these questions to ascertain if there are any weaknesses or missing components that can deny you success.

This close is ideal for a deal which may have been going on for some time and you are finding it hard to reach decision time. As the name implies it is an attempt to bring a deal “back from the dead” as Lazarus was raised from the dead in biblical times.

Checklist about the buyers

•Do we know who the real decision maker is?
•Is the decision maker available to you?
•Have you met with the real decision maker?
•Does the real decision maker accept the recommendation to buy of the leader of any delegation/committee?
•Are any other key people giving us time and information to help us?
•How influential are they to the real decision maker
•Have all necessary levels of management agreed to buy?
•Are their needs identified as separate from their wants?
•Do we know their real reason for buying?
•Is key management aware of the needs?
•Is there a good business reason to act NOW?
•Have they said they are going to act?
•Has funding been identified and OK’d?
•Has a terms payment (monthly arrangement) been discussed?
•Has a terms payment (monthly arrangement) been approved?
•Is this project any one’s pet?
•What is the worst case scenario?

Why will they buy from me?

•Does my solution fit the prospect’s needs?
•Has the prospect expressed interest in my product to other providers?
•Has the prospect expressed interest in my product because of my contact and educative endeavours?
•Have I established my credibility and credentials with the decision maker?
•Have preferences for my product been stated?
•Is the decision maker biased in our favour?
•Is the decision maker unbiased?
•Is the decision maker biased against us?
•Is there a sense of urgency?
•Is justification to buy present and understood?
•Has a date to make a decision been set?
•Has an implementation date been set
•Have we used all resources available to help the client reach a decision?
•Do we have a fall back decision if we don’t get an approval to implement?

Activity: Before each closing interview run this set of questions over the deal by yourself or with your team.

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