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Monday, March 18, 2019

Great Strategies for Increasing Your Prices

by Dr Greg Chapman

Why can some of your competitors increase their prices while you have to struggle even with your current ones? Do you find that when you lift your prices, you lose sales? Are most of your customers only interested in price? Are you a Price Taker?

In this interview hear Dr Greg Chapman reveal the some of the best strategies for increasing your prices.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

They Always choose to pay more

by Dr Greg Chapman

The Gallo brothers were one of the pioneers in the Californian wine industry. They are now the largest family owned wine business in the world. But it was not always this way.

Ernest Gallo once called on a customer in the midst of the depression. He gave him a tasting test, one from a 5c a bottle wine (this was the depression) and the other from a 10c bottle. After tasting both, the customer chose the 10c bottle. More...

Monday, March 11, 2019

Pricing Strategy: Breaking the connection with Cost - A Case Study

by Dr Greg Chapman

I recently purchased a video recorder from a well known electrical goods outlet. It was a big name brand with great features and a huge improvement on our old one which was nearly 10 years old and was now becoming unreliable. It was a good unit, but now was old, tired and out of date, and was not a great match to our spiffy new TV.

So after doing the deal with the salesman, and before I could walk off with my new unit, he asked, do you want to get a warranty for a free replacement if it has any problem at all in the next five years- only 50 bucks extra on top of the $500 I had already agreed to pay. What a deal! (This was on top of the usual manufacturer’s warranty.)

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

How to Increase Prices Without Losing Your Clients

by Dr Greg Chapman

An interview with Dr Greg Chapman by the Sydney Morning Herald

SMH: What are the key considerations when businesses set prices?

Dr Chapman: The starting point is that you must understand your margins – and the gross profit you need to cover your overheads to generate a target net profit, after you have paid yourself a decent wage. This analysis helps set targets to stay profitable. For many businesses, they find that they are not charging enough to stay in business.

Then you must understand the competitive environment and your own Points of Difference without which you will only sell on price. This is about the value you provide the purchaser – you want the purchaser to focus on the value you provide rather than how much it costs to provide it. If you don’t know the true value of your product or service- will the buyer?

 SMH: Why do businesses seem to get this wrong?


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