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Monday, June 03, 2019

Ad of the Month - Seize the Moment -- Updated

by Dr Greg Chapman

If advertising is to work, you must first grab the attention of your buyers. There is so much noise, that people just tune out, but every so often, there comes along an event that provides a wave upon which you can launch your product or brand.

The May election provided one such opportunity, when Clive Palmer spent around $60m and didn’t secure a single seat.

Ikea, the seller of chairs along with many other home products decided to take advantage of this moment, to promote themselves and ride the wave of those mocking Clive (although Clive claims he was just trying to defeat the opposition rather than win a seat – a debate we will leave to the pundits).

While an election outcome is not an obvious link for a furniture retailer, it was there if you looked for it, and this ad was widely reported on so it received much more exposure than the billboard upon which it was placed.

What other well publicised events are happening that can be utilized to promote your products when you seize the moment?

May Your Business Be –As You Plan it!

UPDATE: This has now been reported as a Twitter fake produced by a Melbourne art director and not produced by Ikea.

He also produced similar ads with the headlines:

“Yo Tony … losing a seat is the worst” and

“Heya Bill … Ouchies! Time for a sit and think?”

Even so, the lesson is still the same and I am sure that Ikea is grateful that someone was promoting their brand for them at no cost to themselves!

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