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Thursday, June 06, 2019

Advertising Fail

by Dr Greg Chapman

One of the great things about online advertising today is the ability to finely target your ads so that they appear on sites which contain keywords relevant to your business and which attract people who fit the profile of your best buyers.

An example of this is that websites with articles on Formula One racing might be targeted by Porsche and Ferrari. Another example is a website with articles on exotic travel destinations would attract airline advertising. The companies in question choose keywords that might appear in website content that their potential customers choose to read.

So what was this advertising fail?

This was something I stumbled across in my leisure reading. Full confession, I am a bit of a science nerd, and I do especially like to read about the latest developments in the field of physics. The other day I was reading about the difficulty physicists are having in combining the fundamental forces of nature- gravity, the strong and weak forces and electromagnetism. This was a quest of Einstein in the final years of his life, and one that has eluded physicists even today. It is their holy grail. They call it the Theory of Everything, or TOE.

Which brings me to the advertising fail. The ad was a fairly graphic one on the treatment of toe fungus. Obviously, the advertiser was seeking out content on toes. Clearly context is everything. I would imagine that they would have had few click throughs from this site, unless this is a common ailment amongst physicists!

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