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Monday, October 14, 2019

Holidays are good for a Small Business Owner's Health

by Dr Greg Chapman

Interview with Donna Page from Nett Magazine

We all need to take a break from time to time, but it's much easier to do so as an employee than as the owner of a business.

The experts say taking a break is essential for mental well being and family life- how difficult can this be for small business owners?

Most small businesses depend on their owner’s being there- when they are not nothing happens. The staff look to the owner to solve all the problems and the owner brings in the business. So if the owner is away, sales fall and problems requiring the owners attention can’t be fixed until they return. That’s why so many businesses close over Christmas- it is the only time the owner can get away, and their staff must take their leave then as well.

Can you please detail some reasons why small business operators don't take breaks?

Most business owners are micro managers- if they give someone else the work, they mess it up, and the owner spends twice as long fixing things. So that get in the habit of doing most things themselves, and anything they give to staff, they have to look over their shoulder to make sure that things are done they way they want. Even if they only go away for a short time, things don’t get done properly.

This is the owners fault as they don’t have systems in their businesses so their staff can run things when the owner is absent.

From your experience, what are the problems associated with small business owners who do not take breaks and do you believe many do take holidays?

If the owners don’t take breaks, they end up burning themselves out. So most do take breaks, but their businesses do suffer when they are away.

What strategies can be put in place by small business owners to ensure breaks are taken?

If owners put in place systems in their business, they can give much of the work they presently do to others. They also need reporting in their businesses to ensure that the work is being done when they are not there. All big businesses already have systems and reporting in place- or else they would still be small.

Is slowing down the business a good strategy?

If you mean slowing down the business so they can take a break, that’s a cost to the business. So while the store is closed for business, you are still paying rent. If you can keep it open, and have staff properly trained in your systems, you can be making money while you take a break. After all staff get paid when they are on holidays, so why not the boss?

Has the global economy made the situation more difficult for small business owners to take breaks?

Economic uncertainty affects different businesses in various ways, but for those that have been adversely affected, the solution could have been better marketing systems. Those with good systems would be better able to manage any downturn and so will be able to take breaks, but those without, would be less able to.

What are the top 5 ways to make sure you get the break you deserve.

1. Start to delegate as many tasks as you can to your staff
2. Monitor your staff’s performance and provide training to support them
3. Create reporting systems – what gets measured gets done.
4. Have systems for all tasks in your business
5. Take short breaks before trying to take a long break

Is there anything else you consider relevant that I have not asked about?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Remember all big businesses started as small businesses facing all the problems about taking leave from their business that you are. Everyone of them would have some sort advice at some stage. Yes you will have to work to put all this in place, but then, you can take a holiday!

May Your Business Be –As You Plan it!

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