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Monday, December 14, 2020

2020 Top Small Business Articles of the Year

by Dr Greg Chapman

With 47 posts this year on the Australian Small Business Blog, it is now time to reveal the top post as ranked by Google for page views.

3. Lead Generation vs Sales Conversion – What’s Your Priority?  In this post Dr Greg Chapman reveals how to manage the tension between the need for leads vs sales.

2. How to Double Your Profit with the Five Profit Drivers What would a Marketing System for your business that produces predictable and controllable profits year after year look like?

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Ad of the Year 2020

by Dr Greg Chapman

Each month over the past year, the Australian Small Business Blog has presented ads or items about advertising which illustrated specific strategies that are critical for success. Now, as voted by the number of views as recorded by Google, here are the top three ads of 2020.

3. Be Easy to Deal With Buyers may like your product, but prefer it to be delivered in different ways.

2. Social Distancing It's been a difficult year for business, but some have been more creative in how they stay connected.

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Are Your Customers Cats or Dogs?

by Dr Greg Chapman

While our dog is getting on in years, and suffers from arthritis and is almost blind, there is nothing wrong with his sense of smell and he loves his food. If you give him top grade steak, or just plain dog food from the can, he gulps it down the same way he did when he was a puppy. He will eat what our cat doesn’t finish from her bowl. In fact if she throws any of it up, he will eat that too. He is just not that fussy. In fact the only thing we have found he won’t eat is Brussel sprouts. (I can’t say that I can blame him.)

Our cat on the other hand is very fussy.   More...


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