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Monday, May 24, 2021

Do You Really Sell a Quality Product?

by Dr Greg Chapman

I often ask business owners, do you sell a quality product, and most tell me they do. I then ask do they think that is a reason that people should buy from you, again most say "Yes".

How did you answer these questions? If you said yes to both, I hate to disillusion you, but everyone says they have a quality product. Have you every heard anyone say:

"Buy from me, my products are lousy?"


Monday, May 17, 2021

How Steve Jobs Prices Products

                     by Dr Greg Chapman

When Steve Jobs launched the iPad some years ago, before the launch, the big question was how much to charge for it. The major existing brand digital reader, Kindle was priced at $259. Apple believed the iPad was superior technology and so should have a higher price. But how high? The answer was as high as their marketing can push it!

They decided to charge $499 for the basic model – almost twice the cost of a Kindle. The only question was how to justify it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Five Pillars of Business Success: Pillar 4: People Systems

                     by Dr Greg Chapman

Last month I covered the third of the Five Pillars of Business Success: Marketing Strategy.

In this post I discuss the fourth of the Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success: People Systems.

One of the biggest impediments to growth in most small businesses is lack of people systems. When there is poor alignment between your staff’s and your business’ objectives, this becomes a major obstacle to your success.

Monday, May 03, 2021

Ad of Month – You are the product

by Dr Greg Chapman

It’s always interesting to know how others see us, especially if we are the product. How are we sold to others? How is the pitch made? What is the conversation that takes place behind your back to interest potential buyers? Possibly not what you would think.

In this ad, the product is Australia and the buyers are all Kiwis.


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